Money Skill Builders Today is

Hello! We see you’ve navigated your way to our new site that helps you learn more about money. Below, you’ll find a personal finance column by Jason Alderman. Sometimes Jason talks about things pertaining to young people; sometimes his message is more for the “55 or better” set. Either way, a new column appears here every Monday, so check back for more good money advice.

But at Cowlitz Credit Union, we know that just reading finance columns isn’t always the most scintillating way to learn about finance. That’s why we have those gray bars on the left. See them? Check out the links. Here are two awesome sites brought to you by Visa – one is Practical Money Skills and the other is “What’s My Score?” Explore these links because you’ll learn a bunch – just be sure to come back here when you’re done, so you can also check out. . .

The calculators. Geared for young people and their parents, our calculators do more than the one in your backpack does. Estimate a fair allowance, save for a goal, create a budget, even save $1 million.

And now for everyone’s favorite, the games. If you’ve always yearned to be on the Game Show Network, here’s the next best thing. Learn about savings, debt, budgets and more – the fun way!


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